Imagination Station

Coronavirus Pandemic

Imagination Station drop-off and pick-up policy:

  •  entrance to the center will be through the front door ONLY
  • parking will be permitted in front and around circle. Please do not park so as to disrupt the flow of traffic through the center. Please be considerate of those arriving before you should it be raining and families are waiting in their cars (first come / first serve courtesy)
  • families waiting on sidewalk should maintain a 6' distance
  • please wear a mask. All staff will also be wearing masks. At this time children are not required to wear masks but this may change for school age children and we will keep you posted.
  • parents will be permitted into the vestibule and no further
    • only one family at a time will be allowed in the vestibule
    • sign-in/out sheet, TAP system and tuition box will located at the front window
  • the child's temperature will be taken (100 degrees or higher is no admit)
  • the child will say goodbye in vestibule and be taken to class by a staff member
    • the child's hands will be washed upon entering the classroom
  • It is recommended that you allow additional time in the morning in case there are several families waiting to drop off.
  • At pick-up, again one family at a time in the vestibule. You will sign your child out and a staff member will bring you your child.
    With COVID19 still very active across the country, we request that if you’re traveling outside of the state of Ohio to a state that is indicated as a "RED STATE" that you wait 2 weeks after your return to bring your child back to the daycare.
    We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all children and their families.
    Please advise the office if you will traveling outside of the state regardless of whether you will be quarantining from the day care.
    Due to the high demand and limited spaces available we will be unable to issue a credit if a child does not attend. We ask this as a courtesy to all of our families.

       Imagination Station will provide full day care for children grades K-4th for remote learning when the 2020-2021 school year                         begins. Children must bring necessary devices including headphones or earbuds with instructions on where and when to log-in for                 classroom instruction. Teachers will be available to help children log-in or answer any questions they may have or to provide help they           may need. Teachers will not be policing the children’s homework assignments or participation in classroom activities. Please talk to your         child about being respectful of others learning and also about being engaged in their own remote learning. Children that repeatedly               disrupt the learning of other children or refuse to participate in their classroom activities may be removed from the program.
 This is new territory for all of us and we will do our best to make your child’s remote classroom a pleasant learning experience.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact the office.
 Tuition $185 per week and includes breakfast, lunch & afternoon snack​. 10% sibling discount for 2+ fulltime enrollments.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!